Strike It Rich In Second Strike Online Slots

Second Strike is an exciting online slots game, created by QuickSpin, and featuring impressive graphics, addictive game play, and a number of special features and bonus winning options. Working in classic slot machine style, the game requires the player to make an initial upfront bet, then spin the five reels in order to make matching sequences.

Each sequence must match from left to right, and can be on any one of the ten possible winning lines. The feature that makes the game unique is the chance to win a second time after each initial win, allowing for an extra dose of cash that is not seen in most online casino slot games. Read on to learn more about this special game play feature.

Second Strike Play Icons

The icons in the game are a number of randomly selected objects. These include a bell, a bunch of grapes, a diamond, a star, and more. Each has a different value, and may be matched with itself up to a maximum of five times. The diamond has the highest value, and will pay a good amount if matching five times, and even more if landing the second strike special bonus feature.


Second Strike Bonus Winnings

The Second Strike feature of the game means that upon an initial win, the winning icon will be illuminated on the outside section of the play area. An automatic spin will be taken, and if the winning icon is landed, an extra bonus amount of money is paid out. The higher the number of the match made, the more icons will illuminate in the outside area, meaning that a bigger win will grant a higher chance for a second win.

Special Feature Icons

Also note that there is a wild card, the golden square, which will match with any other icon in the play area. You may, for example, get two diamonds and a wild card, which will payout as a three diamond win. You may also get two diamonds and two wild cards, for a four diamond win.

Play For Fun Or For Real

Second Strike may be played for free, or for real money, as the player prefers. In order to play for free, simply download the application and open it, or open the game in a web browser on your desktop computer. An amount of free virtual currency will be granted, which allows for free play as long as the player desired. If you would like to play for real, please log in to your account, or create one if you do not have an account, and ensure that funds are available. To deposit funds into your account, simply click the deposit button and follow the simple instructions.

Designed For Mobile Play

The game is specifically designed to be easily playable on a mobile device. All buttons operate with one touch functionality, meaning that a touch screen is a viable playing platform. Also note that the icons and user interface are bold and easily seen, perfect for a smaller screen. You may play on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone and enjoy Second Strike whenever and wherever it suits you.