Doctor Love

Getting To Know Doctor Love Online Slot

Ask anyone and they will tell you that when it comes to online slot games, they have encountered themes of great variety. From slot games based on popular movies, books or TV series to themes that are completely made up, there is something for everyone when it comes to these kinds of casino games. NextGen, an online casino game development company, knows just how important a catchy theme is, as the company has spent several years creating them. This is evident in their games, one of which is Doctor Love online slot game. It’s a comical take on a hospital setup and is packed full of surprises for players to enjoy.

Hospital Symbols

When it comes to the symbols that manifest on the reels of online slot games, it is incredibly important for them to be easy to identify, as it will make life much, much easier for players if they can tell what a symbol is right from the get-go. Doctor Love online slot game’s symbols are just that. They are easily distinguishable and add to the overall theme of the game. These symbols include the likes of a stethoscope, a medical waste bin, a clipboard, crutches, get well soon teddy bears and flowers, an ambulance, a pocket watch, a nurse and a patient.

The game’s feature symbols, which players need to keep an eye out for, are the wild and scatter symbols. The former is represented by Doctor Love, the title character himself. With blonde hair and a sparkling smile, players will be delighted to know that he has the power to stand in for any other symbols missing from a winning combination. The scatter symbol, on the other hand, is represented by a heart-shaped “love meter”, which while not traditionally found in hospitals, certainly adds a touch of humour to the game.


Extra Spins

Free spins are almost always welcome when it comes to online slot games. Doctor Love has its very own free spins feature. If players are able to land at least three scatter symbols, they will automatically trigger this feature. Three of these will result in 10 free spins, while four will lead to 15 and five will result in 20 extra spins. This is an easy way for players to make some extra money without having to reach further into their own pockets.

Furthermore, any wins that are made during the free spins will result in a multiplier of three. This feature can also be retriggered, simply by landing at least another three scatter symbols on the reels.

No Skill Required

NextGen’s Doctor Love online slot game is ideal for players of every level to enjoy, as it is easy to understand and simple to play. Furthermore, this game can be enjoyed on a number of convenient devices, including the likes of mobile phones, smart watches, tablets and computers. Players are sure to find other casino bonus game, they will be treated to plenty of fun and excitement.

Titan Storm

Review of Titan Storm Slots by NextGen

The Titan Storm slot machine game, created by NextGen, is an entertaining online gambling experience. It features well drawn tiles, as well as a powerful interactive soundtrack, providing a thrilling experience with every matching sequence paid out. The visual design, featuring mythical creatures and Titans, is not as vivid as some other slot machine games, but sure to entrance players that are fans of the mythical and keep them coming back for more.

Titan Storm – Standard Tiles

The picture tiles in the game are the most valuable, with the beautiful female titan being the best possible match to create. Matching her five times is the biggest possible standard win. Other tiles include a sword, shield, and gryphon. Note that the nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace are also present, but are the least valuable tiles in the game. Keep in mind that every tile needs to be matched at least three times to grant a payout, and may not be matched more then a maximum of five times.

Titan Storm – Unique Special Bonuses

The most outstanding thing about the Titan Storm game is the bonus tiles and special feature system. The wild card, represented by a muscular and intimidating Zeus, can match with any other tile, allowing for matches to be made where none were previously possible. You may, for example, match two aces with a wild, in order to create a three ace match. The scatter symbol, a golden door, will trigger a special bonus game if matched with itself three times. The unique thing about Titan Storm is that the scatter tile may match with the wild tile, meaning that bonus games are far more frequent then in other, similar games. During a bonus game the player is granted ten free spins, during which any five of kind matches pay out five times more then normal. Note that during the free spins, more free spins may be added to the free spins remaining if scatter symbols are again matched.

How To Play In Detail


The Titan Storm slot machine game is based around the standard rules. The game uses a five reel, two hundred and forty three pay line system. As would be expected, the player is required to make an initial upfront bet. The size of the bet can be chosen via the interface at the bottom of the screen, using the up and down arrows. Once the bet is decided, the reels can then be spun via the play button. To find the play button, look to the bottom right of the screen. Upon the reels stopping the visible tiles will automatically form matching sequences, with payouts occurring according to the value of the tiles in the sequence. Of course, if any bonus tiles are in the sequence they will automatically trigger and the bonus features will occur. If you would like further explanation on how to play the game, you may contact the customer support centre of the website on which you play. Further information about the matching sequences may be found via the info button at the bottom left of the screen.

Spin Sorceress

Spin Sorceress – Winter Winning in an Online Slots Game

Spin Sorceress, created by the notoriously professional NextGen studio, is an online casino slot machine. It features high quality graphics, an outstanding soundtrack, and a number of interesting special features.

The theme of the game is based around an ice Sorceress, seen by her wild tile as a beautiful, but menacing woman. Her image, combined with the game’s remarkable interactive soundtrack, make for a highly entertaining experience; worth a look by both veteran and casual online gamblers. The game can be played on mobile phone, tablet, laptop and home computer. It may also be played for free, or for real money, as the player prefers.

Standard Game Play Tiles

Sticking with the theme, the beautifully created tiles all represent aspects of the Spin Sorceress’s world. They include magic crystals, a wolf, and ice spear, and hand casting a spell. Also included are the nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards. The wolf is the most valuable standard tile, and will pay out well if matched with itself five times.

Special Bonus Features


Spin Sorceress has a number of special features that set it apart from other games. The first is the super bet feature, which can be activated by the button on the right of the screen. Each tier of the super bet bar raises the multipliers, allowing for wins to be doubled, tripled, up to a maximum of a fifty times multiplier at the top section of the bar.

Note, however, that the multiplier is wild, from a set of three possibilities. Multipliers mean enormous wins are possible, but also that each spin will cost a great deal more, depending on the super bet chosen. Hence, it is wise to use the function cautiously. Selecting the super bet option may be done between spins. The game also has a wild tile, represented by the sorceress herself, and a scatter tile. The scatter tile, if matched with itself, will grant ten free spins. During these spins up to three extra wild tiles are added to the game, granting a much higher chance of winning.

Spin Sorceress – How To Play

The game follows the traditional slot machine rules. This means that a player must start the game by first deciding on a bet. The interface at the bottom of the screen, a row of coins flanked by an up and down arrow, will adjust the bet. Do so, keeping in mind that the higher the bet, the higher the wins. Once a bet is decided on, the reels may then be spun, which can be done via the spin button located at the bottom right of the screen. The spin button appears as a green, classic play button. The reels will spin and eventually stop, showing a number of tiles in the play area. Any matches made by these tiles will automatically be indicated via a solid line, and any due payouts will be made automatically. Remember that matches must be made from left to right, and that tiles need not be on the same line in order for a match to be created. Also remember that the bet may be changed between spins. If you are unsure about anything, refer to he information page, which can be found by clicking the information button at the bottom left.

Doubleplay Super Bet

Doubleplay Super Bet Online Slot Review

Doubleplay Super Bet is a well made online casino game, created by NextGen. The game uses a number of unique special features, has a striking visual style, an excellent soundtrack, and is well worth a look by both veteran and casual online gamblers. Most notable about the game is the two extra interface windows, on the right of the screen, which provide options not often seen in such games. Also noticeable is the highly interactive soundtrack, which changes as the game develops. The visual style, a psychedelic colour show, is both relaxing and unique, making the game an overall experience in which a player can get lost for hours. Read on to learn more about the special features that really make the game stand apart.

Standard Play Tiles

The standard play tiles of the game are based around traditional slot machine items. These include a diamond, a cherry, a seven, a bell, a star, and more. Each is boldly designed, easily recognisable, and simple to memorise.

Super Special Features And Options

Doubleplay Super Bet has a number of special features and options that make it stand apart from other games. The first of these features is the doubleplay option. You will see a small window on the right of the screen, in which multipliers are housed. They are three times, six times, and nine times. Between spins the player may select which option to use, simply by tapping, or clicking, the desired multiplier. The multiplier will activate instantly, allowing all wins to be granted the multiplier, increasing the value of each win immensely. Note, however, that selecting a multiplier will also automatically increase the bet. The second special feature, the super bet option, is located below the doubleplay option. The super bet option allows the player to add wilds to the reels, increasing the chances of winning. This can be done for just the centre reel, the centre three reels, or all reels. Not again that selecting these options will automatically raise the bet.


Play For Fun Or To Win Big

Doubleplay Super Bet can be played for real money, or for free, depending on what the player prefers. You may play for free on your mobile device or tablet, simply by downloading the game and opening it. Virtual currency will be granted, allowing free play for as long as the player wants. Note that the virtual currency will be kept track of as if it were real money, but that the amount cannot be carried over to other games. The same may be done on a home computer, with the game running in an internet browser. If, however, you would like to play the game using real money, please ensure that you are logged into your account, and that funds are available. If you do not already have an account, please create one by providing an email address, name, telephone number and physical address. Once the account is created and you would like to add funds, you may do so by using the deposit option. More details about the account creation process are available from the website at which you play.

An Evening With Holly Madison

Seductive Fun In An Evening With Holly Madison Online Slots

An Evening With Holly Madison, created by NextGen studios, is a fun, flirty online casino slot machine game. Featuring the beautiful Holly Madison herself, the game has good graphics, as well as an exciting interactive soundtrack. The game uses a five reel, twenty five pay line system, and features multiple appearances by Holly on the play tiles. The game my be played for free, or for real money, as the player prefers. If you would like to play for real money, please be sure funds are available in your account.

Standard Play Tiles

In An Evening With holly Madison, the standard play tiles are designed to represent the lifestyle of Holly. They include a sports car, pair of dice, high heel shoes, and pair of playing cards. The most valuable of the set is the playing cards, which will grant the largest standard win if matched with itself five times. Remember that the wild tile may match with any of these tiles to create a winning sequence.

Special Features And Bonuses

If two scatter tiles match, shown as the word Holly, the player is granted an instant free spin, which increases the chances of winning. If three scatter tiles are landed, the bonus feature game is launched. This game involves ten free spins, which are played out automatically. If the kiss tiles are collected, extra free spins may be added to those already remaining. At the end of the free spins, the photo shoot mini game will then be entered, allowing even more chances at winning. Take not also of the wild card, in this game represented by images of Holly.


The wild tile may match with any other tile to create a winning sequence, except the scatter tile. As an added bonus, three wilds trigger the Holly gone wild feature, which expands the wilds already present to cover more tiles, granting greater chances at making matches. If you would like more detailed explanations of these bonuses, or about standard winning sequences, please tap the info button near the bottom of the screen.

Pick You Play Platform

An Evening With Holly Madison may be played on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or home computer. The interface is designed with one touch functionality, meaning that a touch screen makes for a great game play experience. Plus, with the bold visual design and clearly identifiable tiles, a smaller screen, such as a mobile phone, is also a viable option. Do keep in mind, however, that the game may not necessarily run perfectly on all mobile phone models. If you find the game awkward or unresponsive, or it the game crashes, you may instead prefer to play on a laptop or other platform. When downloading the game, check for a notification that says the game is compatible with your phone model. If you prefer to play on home computer or laptop, the game likewise provides a smooth experience. Simply open the game via your browser, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, and it will load automatically. If the game fails to load, please ensue that your Flash software is up to date.

Bier Haus slot

Bier Haus Slot Review

Oktoberfest is without doubt Germany’s biggest celebration. Held annually in Munich, it’s a feast of beer and music, music and beer. This exciting event is the theme of Bier Haus slot, powered by WMS.

A video online slot, it features five reels, 40 paylines, Wild and Feature reel symbols, and bonus games in the form of free spins with sticky Wilds.

Buxom beauties abound, and so do ample beer steins, along with other images of the vibrant celebration. Together with a soundtrack that captures the spirit of the party, the graphics and animations make for an online slot entertainment experience.

Bier Haus Slot Reel Symbols

Two blonde beauties are found on the Bier Haus slot reels, as are a collection of beer glasses, a barrel of beer, a beer stein, a castle, an accordion, acorns and oak leaves, and a man drinking beer.


These themed symbols are the higher value and special symbols, while the lower value symbols are a purple club, a blue spade, a pink diamond, and a red heart.

The two women are each set against a coloured background. One is against green, and the other is holding a glass of beer and is set against a purple background. The Feature symbol unlocks the free spins round. The collection of beer glasses is the game’s Wild symbol.

Autoplay Feature

There are two ways players can play Bier Haus slot. The first is the regular way of setting the coin value, choosing a number of coins to bet per line, and then selecting the Spin button.

The other way is to use the game’s Autoplay feature, and then to sit back, put your feet up, and watch the reels roll.

The Autoplay feature gives players access to a range of controls that can be used to determine how the game should play itself.

Beer Glasses Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol has its origins in card games, where a Wild card can be used to substitute for other cards when building a winning hand. In the same way, the beer glasses Wild symbol in Bier Haus slot can substitute for other reel symbols.

This means it is able to help form winning combinations with other symbols on the reels. The only symbol the Wild won’t substitute for is the Feature symbol.

Feature Symbol for Free Spins

The Bier Haus slot free spins game will only be triggered if players manage to land at least five of the Feature symbols on the reels, beginning with the reel furthest to the left. This is not as impossible as it sounds, as the reels abound with the not too modestly dressed maidens.

If only five women trigger the round, players receive five free spins. However, if the round is triggered by more than five symbols, players will receive an additional five free spins for every extra Feature symbol on the reels.

So, if six Feature symbols trigger the Bier Haus free spins round, players receive 10 free spins, and if seven Feature symbols trigger the round, players receive 15 free spins.

Also, for every Feature symbol that appears on the reels, players will receive a sticky Wild in her place. Those Wild symbols will stay on the reels for the whole of the free spins round.

Montezuma slot

Montezuma Slot Review                                                                        

Montezuma slot is another great online casino game released by Williams Interactive Software, better known in the industry as WMS. This online slot has 5 reels and 30 paylines and boasts a myriad of bonus features that add to player’s chances of winning big with every spin.

Montezuma slot makes use of WMS’ Wheel Bonus technology and the game is set deep in the untamed wilds of Central America. The Aztec theme is a popular one with online slots developers, and WMS has executed it brilliantly. Players will come across an ancient civilisation where untold wealth and riches abound and as the spin the reels, they’ll discover that escaping the wrath of Montezuma, the feared ruler of the empire, can result in rich rewards. Montezuma is a real life historical character and was the ruler of the Aztec Kingdom in the 15th Century, with this slot; WMS has created an historically inspired game that centres on this time.


Montezuma Slot Basics

Montezuma slot is a 5 reel, 30 payline game that’s graphic rich and incredibly intriguing. The game’s backdrop features the lush Amazon jungle and there’s a sort of golden hue that alludes to the wealth and riches that are hidden deep within the Aztec temples.

The lower value symbols are made up of 10, J, Q, K and A and are adorned with crowns, flags, gems and other appropriate items. The higher value symbols include a green headdress, an eagle, Montezuma and his wife, a gold mask and a snake statue. Montezuma himself is the highest paying symbol, whilst the Wild is the step pyramid and the Scatter is the wheel of fortune.

As per usual, the Wild symbol can stand in for all other symbols except for the Scatter and can complete a winning combination when a player least expects it.

Unique Free Spins Bonus Feature

Montezuma slot game is unique in a number of ways, but it’s the free spins feature that really makes it stand out. WMS is renowned for creating quality online slots games with innovative bonus rounds, and Montezuma is yet another in a long line of successful titles.

To activate the free spins feature players must have 3 or more golden shields land on the reels simultaneously. 3 Shield symbols will reward you with 3x your stake, 4 with 10x your stake and 5 with a massive 10x your stake.

The number of free spins that you can claim has nothing to do with the Scatters, instead, it’s determined by the bonus wheel that you’ll need to spin to find out how many free spins you’ll be rewarded with. Up to 50 free spins can be awarded and the multiplier is applied to all of them, making them potentially very rewarding. Additionally, the free spins bonus can be re-triggered at any time, and the multipliers will once again be added to each successful spin.

Free and Real Money Play

Montezuma slot can be played for free, just for fun, or for real money and the chance to claim a jackpot payout. This online slots game has also been optimised for enjoyment on mobile and can be played in download or no download format on most popular smartphones or tablets.

Jokerizer slot

Yggdrasil’s Jokerizer Slot Unpacked

The Jokerizer slot game by Yggdrasil offers players a 3D playing experience with great graphic features and animations. The game consists of five reels and ten pay lines, with a simple but quality-rich playing experience. The Jokerizer slot is a non-progressive slot game, but it does offers various other special features, such as the Jokerizer mode, mystery prizes, and high non-progressive jackpots. The game is available for both Mac and Windows computers, as well as for various mobile devices.

The Jokerizer Slot Theme

The theme of the game is based on the deck of cards, and symbols include all the various standard playing card values. The jacks, queens, kings, aces, and the jokers are the higher paying symbols. In addition to the standard playing cards, the Jokerizer slot also includes numerous other symbols that are traditional to classic Vegas slot games, and these include fruits, stars, and diamonds.


The Jokerizer slot is a colourful one, featuring bright blues, greens, and purples. These come to life through a captivating background sound track.

Jokerizer Slot Bonus

The Jokerizer slot game offers a unique mystery prize when players manage to land three joker symbols on the reels. The joker symbol can only appear on the second, third, and fourth reels. If the jokers happen to be aligned, either diagonally or horizontally, then players will be rewarded with a payout of six thousand coins. However, if the joker symbols are scattered over the reels, then players will receive a payout that ranges from between one thousand to six thousand coins.

Jokerizer Slot, Jokerizer Mode

Once players land a winning combination, this will activate the game’s Jokerizer mode. The Jokerizer mode is basically an optional game, which players can choose to play or simply ignore if they do not wish to play. If they ignore the optional game, then they will simply receive their winnings and move on to the next spin. If they choose to enter the Jokerizer mode, however, they will begin playing the optional game.

In this optional game, each spin will come at a cost of twenty coins. However, if players land two joker symbols anywhere on the reels, then they will be rewarded with between twenty and six thousand coins.

The Jokerizer mode optional game will come to an end either when players have hit a win of more than one thousand coins or when they choose to hit the collect button. The optional bonus game will then come to an end and players will be returned to the base game.

Jokerizer Slot Setup

Players can choose the number of pay lines they wish to play on, the coin denomination they wish to play with, and the number of coins they wish to play per pay line. Once they have made these selections, they can choose to spin the reels either manually or automatically by selecting the auto spin feature. The auto spin feature allows players to pre-set between twenty and one thousand reels that will play out automatically until the spins run out, credit runs out, or the player chooses to stop the auto spin feature.


Double Buffalo Spirit slot

Double Buffalo Spirit Slot Game Examined

Unleash your inner beast with Double Buffalo Spirit slot, powered by Williams Interactive. If you yearn for the old days when life was simple and the American frontier the ultimate dream, the Wild West at its very best.

Double Buffalo Spirit slot will take players on a journey across the planes of North America where Buffaloes once ruled, roaming free. Nearly driven to extinction by man, buffaloes fought back and their numbers are steadily increasing once again. Similar to the great wild American mustang, American buffalo possess a unique and untameable spirit that has intrigued mans imagination through the ages. Taming this beast has been a pursuit for many that has resulted in them paying the ultimate price.

Unforgiving with no time to think, split second reactions to nature is what you will be up against in Double Buffalo Spirit slot game. The most important attribute that we should take from the buffalo’s spirit on a daily basis is the reminder to stand our ground in any situation.


Ways to Win Online

Double Buffalo Spirit slot is a 5 reel, 1024 ways to win video slot title. The game has a ranch house look, along with an iconic sunset and raging buffalo as a prelude to the action. The interface is simple and easy to understand. There are no distracting elements that take players attention away from winning. The border looks like wooden made fence posts with skulls attached to the top posts. This provides a certain amount of authenticity to the slot title.

The controls are simple and easy to understand, exactly what players would expect from a Williams Interactive game. The graphics are not mind blowing; then again they don’t really need to be as the ranch house theme is somewhat rustic. A definite theme/trend can also be seen within the game, which is a return to nature on many levels.

Double Buffalo Reel Symbols

Raging on to the reels, Double Buffalo Spirit slot reel symbols are somewhat unimaginative. The symbols do hold relevance to the West, yet players may be slightly disappointed by the lack of variety. Graphics include owls, snakes, lizards and buffaloes.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

The golden buffalo is the wild and acts as any typical wild in a slot title with the ability to substitute for any other symbol in the game, apart from the bonus symbol.  Players can expect to see the wild symbol appear on reels two, three and four.

The skeletal head buffalo graphic features as the scatter symbol, with the ability to provide players with scatter wins. If players are lucky enough to hit three or more of these symbols anywhere on the reels, a reward of eight, fifteen or twenty free spins will be provided. During this game, if players manage to land another two or more scatter symbols an additional five, eight, fifteen or twenty free spins will be triggered. Furthermore players will be delighted to know that there is a wild multiplier feature within the free spins round of the game. Each wild symbol that is present during a win in the free spins game will provide players with a wild X3 or wild X4.

Crime Pays

Overview of WMS Gaming Crime Pays Slot

Based on the gripping story of a police detective in search of a wanted criminal, Crime Pays is an imaginative online slot game created by software developer WMS Gaming. The game is full of imagery relating to large-scale crime and the police’s hunt for notorious head criminals, and both this slot’s overall design and bonus features are themed to add to its appeal.

Crime Pays plays out over 5 reels and 50 paylines, and offers 3 unique bonus features to its players. As well as a free spins feature and a Crime Spree bonus game, the Crime Pays slot is also the first online slot to feature an interactive multiplayer jackpot bonus game, in which players can win a set jackpot through an interactive bonus feature.

Graphics and Reel Symbols

The reels of Crime Pays are set in a classic action film-style setting, and the slot’s backdrop is a dark cameo looking onto a dark street, with a black van in the bottom right-hand corner and a newspaper clipping of a wanted criminal above. The game’s design has an artillery style to it, with the reels encased in metallic structures similar to guns.

On the reels, players will find a wide assortment of themed symbols that add to the storyline of thugs being hunted by a tireless police force. These symbols include graphics of handcuffs, stolen jewels, police badges, gold bars, tumblers filled with liquor, guns and a selection of shady criminals.


Wild, Feature and Bonus Symbols

The wild symbol in WMS Gaming’s Crime Pays slot is the Wild logo, and this logo wild symbol can substitute any of the other symbols in the game to create winning combinations, with the exception of the feature symbols and the bonus symbols.

Crime Pays contains two feature symbols; a Crime logo symbol which appears only on reel 1, and a Pays logo symbol which appears only on reel 3. In order to trigger any of this slot’s bonus features, these two symbols must have appeared on reels 1 and 3 simultaneously, except for the Crime Spree bonus game. The 3 bonus symbols in the game are the Free Spins, Crime Spree and Mastermind symbols.

Crime Pays Free Spins Feature

To trigger the free spins feature, players must land the Crime Pays logos on reels 1 and 3 and the Free Spins bonus symbol on reel 5. This will award a number of free spins based on players’ bets, and all winnings won during the feature will be doubled.

Crime Spree Bonus Game

Landing the Crime Spree symbol of police sirens on its own on reel 5 will activate the Crime Spree bonus game. Here, the police will search for criminals across the reels with a flashlight, lighting up random symbols as they go. These symbols will translate into a cash prize for players, as well as up to 30x multipliers.

Mastermind Bonus Feature

When the Mastermind symbol lands on reel 5 along with the Crime Pays symbols, the Mastermind bonus feature will begin. This feature involves the game’s interactive jackpot bonus game. Players must choose various locations from a map in an attempt to uncover the hideout of Mr Big, a notorious criminal mastermind, which will award the feature’s jackpot prize. Conversely, incorrect choices will add a small amount to the total jackpot value on offer.