Baccarat movies and books

Baccarat Movies and Books Set Popularity Trajectory 

The game of baccarat can be traced back to the 1400s, during the reign of Charles VIII, King of France. The game not only has a long history, but an almost irrational popularity and a cognitive appreciation that is hard to understand, that is until one looks around and sees the indelible way it has been entrenched in the global casino culture. Today, some six hundred years after the game was first played, Amazon has a list of the top five baccarat books, blogs and articles discuss baccarat winning methodologies, and movies are made featuring the game.

Playing a Major Role

Baccarat has always been found near the top of any seasoned casino regulars’ list. A simple game to learn and extremely easy to play, since the most popular version Punto Banco requires no basic strategy at all and is purely a game of luck. Nevertheless baccarat movies and books prevail. Perhaps the most influential movie in terms of baccarats’ image, was the 1967 version of Ian Flemings’ Casino Royale. Ian Fleming was a committed casino regular, and was favourably predisposed to baccarat himself. In the movie, James Bond takes large amounts of money from the antagonist, and in one swoop made baccarat into a household name. Baccarat play at casinos throughout Europe and America blossomed and became a feature, as the game was associated with a jet-set lifestyle.

This was not the only movie that featured baccarat in the plot. A Hard Day’s Night, the Beatles movie from 1964 had earlier played a significant role in entrenching this game in the collective unconscious, and this movie is often considered the quintessential baccarat movie. More recently, Jackie Chan, a well-known real-life baccarat aficionado, made several movies that featured the game such as Rush Hour 3 and City Hunter.

A Library of Information

Baccarat movies and books have therefore placed this casino game at the forefront of the casino industry. So much so that most of the books written on the subject deal with winning methodologies, statistical analysis, or myths related to the game. Clearly we are fascinated by the concept of chance and trying to predict the future.

Whereas the image portrayed in movies is one of glamour and fashion, baccarat books tend towards the mathematical study of chance. The basics are just nice to know, such as betting on the players’ hand carries a long term house advantage of 1.36%. This is low when compared to other table and slots games. Betting on the banker gives the house an advantage of only 1.17%. The odds on a tie occurring, however, favour the house by 14.4%.

Knowledge Can Save Time

It is also comforting to know that despite all the hype in baccarat movies and books, the much-discussed subject of card counting in the game is now considered moot. Despite the mathematical possibilities, the practical implications of card counting make it a useless venture in baccarat because the odds will only be in the players favour every 232 hands on average. Not only is this a wait of about two hours between bets placed, but the improvement to the odds is less than 1%.

Baccarat movies and books are therefore fully responsible for the high quality baccarat that is available online. Nevertheless, as is evident, taking note and learning from these sources can only but improve anyone’s odds.

Baccarat history

Baccarat History

The game of baccarat is one of the oldest casino games. In fact, according to baccarat history, the game was documented as early as the 1300s, when it appeared in France. According to legend, the game came originally from Italy, and indeed the word baccarat in Italian means zero. The word baccarat or zero refers to the fact that all tens, jacks, queens and kings have a value of zero in the game. Any hand with a total of ten, like a three plus a seven, will also equal zero.

Five hundred years of baccarat history passed before the game became accepted in Europe. At first, it was the French nobility who were taken with the game, and their favourite version of baccarat was called chemin de fer. Eventually it caught on in England too, and the game was taken to the United States by the French and English who emigrated there. According to baccarat history, the game was taken to Cuba where the version played there became known as Punto Banco.

Three Original Versions of the Game

In baccarat history there have been the three original versions of the game that have become the most popular, chemin de fer, baccarat banquet and punto banco. All versions of the game have identical rules, and the difference between the three is in the dealing of the cards. The most widespread version that is played in the United States today is punto banco, where the dealer deals all of the cards, and the players just bet on one of the three outcomes. Even today, most casinos will provide its visitors the choice of all three baccarat versions. In fact, one of the most iconic images in baccarat history relating to baccarat is of James Bond playing a game of baccarat at a plush casino, usually for very high stakes.

Mini Baccarat Now the Accepted Form

After a while, it was decided to simplify the game a bit, and make it possible for a single dealer to run, and this gave rise to mini baccarat. There was now only an initial bet, and with the dealer controlling  the rest of the actions quickly and expertly, it became possible to play more hands and games with lower stakes could be introduced, thus appealing to a wider player base.

The game of baccarat today is still popular with the casino nobility, the high rollers. The world’s biggest gamblers all seem to love the game, and it is not unusual to see the exchange of millions of dollars. The most recent development in baccarat history is the online casino. With the arrival of the internet era, a new chapter in the life of baccarat has begun.

The New Era of the Internet

Online casinos are growing incredibly fast in both numbers and popularity, and the range of games they now offer is amazing. More and more players prefer to play baccarat online, both for fun and for real money. Today most of the well established online casinos offer baccarat as one of the favourite card games, played under the classic rules of mini baccarat.

There are great bonuses offered, quick access, and the convenience of being able to play whenever you want, wherever you are. Some online gaming sites these days offer live dealers, where you are connected by a video link to a real life dealer. Most online casinos offer free games, which offer players a great chance to learn to play baccarat before spending any real money.

Baccarat card counting

Comparing Baccarat to Various Casino Card Games

In principle, and much like poker and blackjack, baccarat is a card comparing game. A casino game of tradition and history, the aim of baccarat is to compare the face value of the players’ cards to those of the banker. During the course of the game, players do not make any decisions that alter the value of the hand. The only decisions to be made are regarding the size of the wager and the type of bet. Baccarat has the characteristic of players having the option of being able to bet on their own hand, on the bankers’ hand, or even on a tie occurring.

Baccarat Card Counting in Theory

Much like blackjack too, baccarat has always been riddled with myths and winning formulae. One of the areas often discussed is whether baccarat card counting can be effective like in blackjack play. In theory, the act of card counting in baccarat would be conducted in this manner. Counting starts with the introduction of a new shoe or deck. The count is now zero. When any one of an ace, two or three is dealt, add one to the total. The higher the number the more likely the next cards will favour the player, while lower numbers mean the odds are leaning towards the banker. Fours are worth double, and therefore add two to the total. For fives, sevens and eights, subtract one from the count. Similarly, subtract two when a six is dealt. The other cards, namely nines to kings don’t change the count, and are therefore zero.

Calculated by dividing the running total with the number of decks in play, a true count of 16 or higher means betting on the player is optimal, and is the point at which the players’ bet odds have overtaken the bankers’ odds. This would be the aim of baccarat card counting.

A Major Casino Myth Dispelled

Now that the fundamentals of baccarat card counting have been considered, and just as it looks plausible and that perhaps there is a secret route to untold riches at the card game, the bad news needs to be broken. Players should be aware that for all practical purposes, baccarat card counting has no real benefit. The reason for this is that with the number of cards involved and the number of decks used means that the opportunity to increase or change the odds by less than 1% will occur on average once every 232 hands. Practically this would mean standing around the baccarat table all day and betting approximately 10 times. Given that these ten bets would only be made on a situation where the odds have increased by less than one percent on the players’ favour, it is certainly not worth the effort.

The Benefits of Online Baccarat

When it comes to online casino play, Baccarat card counting becomes a superfluous strategy because the game functions using random number generators. Granted, these cannot be random by computer definition, the level of randomness is evaluated by independent auditors in the better casinos and this level is sufficient to render card counting a moot mental exercise. It is far better to simply appreciate baccarat for its simple betting procedures and enjoy the fact that you are not missing out by not counting the cards.

Baccarat Banque

Understanding Baccarat Banque

The game of baccarat has many qualities that make it the legendary casino game it is today. Apart from the history and tradition of the game, it is a particularly straightforward and clear way of winning money. It is this very simplicity that has made the game so perfect for online play, and why the quality and scope of baccarat that is offered at online casinos is so high. The internet and technology have combined to create an ideal environment for baccarat to thrive.

The most popular version of baccarat is Punto Banco. This is also the version most regularly offered at online casinos. There are two additional versions that are widely enjoyed, namely Chemin De Fer and Baccarat Banque. Baccarat Banque has a particular and historic popularity in France, which may be ascribed to this classic casino game having been invented in the country, and not subject to populist pressures. Baccarat Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Banque are extremely similar games.

Fitting Into the Baccarat Family

In Baccarat Chemin de Fer, the player who is assigned the banker role, retains this role only as long as he keeps winning. As soon as the banker loses, the role passes to another player. The difference is that in Baccarat Banque this role of banker is assigned on a permanent basis. Three packs of cards are generally used and the banker holds office until all these cards have been dealt, unless he retires or runs out of money.

Baccarat Banque is believed to have been invented, or at least developed by the famous Italian gambler Felix Falguerein, in 15th Century Italy. Card scoring and rules of play are the same in Baccarat Banque as it is in the original version, Chemin de Fer.

The Core of the Game

With respect to the crux of the game of Baccarat Banque, which is the fact that there is more player involvement than in the more common Punto Banco version, where there is effectively none. The player in Baccarat Banque can do whatever they like on a total of seven or less. Since the rest of the table has money wagered on the decision, it is generally considered poor form deviate from standard drawing norms. Tactically, in order to be successful at Baccarat Banque, players should vary their play as much as possible when the initial card total is five. Predictable behaviour on the part of the player makes the dealers’ decisions so much easier.

Some Key Pointers

There are some pointers that can be considered when interested in Baccarat Banque. At the more specialised online sites are providing this game as an option, players will find clear free play games available for practicing. These are invaluable in terms of learning the game, the pace of play and thereby developing the confidence to play for cash. As is the advice for all baccarat players, management of your bankroll is essential, and all players need sufficient funds to be able to carry themselves for extended periods of play.

The heart of a real gambler will always skip a beat at the mention of baccarat. Baccarat Banque takes this up a notch, and adds some additional influence a player can have on the game. This is a game frequented by the experienced high roller who is confident, and lucky.


Baccarat Casino Card Game

At land based and online casinos, players can choose to play any number of casino card games. As opposed to slot games, casino card games usually require a small amount of skill and a great deal of concentration in order to come out ahead. Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games in the world and can be found in almost every land based casino around the globe. With the arrival of online casinos, the game has increased in popularity with players able to logon and play for free or for real money at any time. The most popular version of the game is called Punto banco. In this game players play directly against the dealer similar to blackjack.

How the Game Works

Baccarat is played at a table and uses 6 decks of shuffled cards. On the table there is a space for the dealer’s cards and a space reserved for the player’s cards. In the online version of the game, the player chips are located at the bottom right hand side of the screen. The game begins with the player placing his or her bet on the table. This is where the game differs from blackjack. In Punto Banco, there are actually three betting options. Players can either bet on themselves, or they can bet on the banker winning or they can bet on a tie. Players simply place their chips on the selection they want to bet.

Placing your Bet

Once the player has placed their bet, the dealer will deal the player two cards facing down and two cards for himself facing down. The aim of baccarat is to use your card points to try and get a higher score than the dealer. In Punto banco, all of the low cards 2 through to 10 are worth their face value, the face cards are all worth 10 points and the ace is worth a single point. In this game, totalling your points can be a bit confusing. To get the total point count, players must add up to total of the two cards and drop the first digit. For example, if the first card is a 7 and the second card is a 9, the total is 16. When the first digit is dropped, the total is 6. In the online version, the computer will do this for you.

Winning a Hand

In baccarat there is a term called a natural hand. A natural hand is any two card hand that totals 8 or 9. Once the first two cards are dealt, if either the banker or the player has a natural hand, the round is over and the player or the banker wins the bet. If neither the banker nor the player has a natural hand, the player then has the option of taking a third card. When the player has drawn a third card, the dealer also has the option of taking a third card. In baccarat, there is a specific third card rule for both the player and the dealer. In the online version, the computer will automatically apply the rule.

Spanish Eyes

Online Dance Slot Spanish Eyes with NextGen

It is time for a Fiesta and this Spanish Eyes dance slot makes for the perfect setting. Developed by NextGen this slot features some good graphics and a great sound track. Themed toward a Spanish party atmosphere this slot is full of fun animations, an intriguing backdrop and some thematically attuned symbols for the reels.

Hosting 5 of these reels and 25 pay lines plus a range of coin sizes and NextGen’s favoured Gamble feature, this slot definitely has some interesting betting options available. Regarding the bonus features on offer, this slot has NextGen’s 2 favourites here too. These include Wilds and Free Spins rewarding Scatter symbols. So far this seems like an all out slot experience.

The Face of Spanish Eyes Online Slot

With a theme such as this there is definitely a lot to be included and a lot for the players to experience. Set in what appears to be a Spanish bar, the backdrop hosts quite an atmosphere on its own. Add to this an appropriate dance slot sound track that will go a bit wild when wins are encountered. Thematically the most important feature to get right is the symbols on the reels as these are always a big part of any slot. With Spanish Eyes these symbols are well chosen.

The reels are adorned with symbols like fans, a guitar and even maracas. The playing card symbols make up the lower end of the pay table and include 9 through Ace, each of which has there own touch of the theme instilled upon the symbol.


With the betting NextGen have included a sizable coin denomination, this alongside the 25 pay lines makes for some broad ranged betting options. There is also a Gamble feature included in this Spanish Eyes slot, which allows players to wager their wins for each round on a bet of either the colour or suit of a random playing card and through this double or quadruple their winnings.

Some Lucrative Bonus Features for Spanish Eyes

As mentioned above, there are two particular bonus features included in this Spanish Party slot. These are the Wilds and the free spins features. The Wilds of this slot are represented by the Spanish dancing girl with a blue fan. Apart from performing the usual stunt of switching for other symbols on the reels to form winning combinations, this Wild symbols can also win a jackpot of up to 10 000 coins for 5 hit across the reels.

Additionally if players land this symbol on either reels 1 or 5 this triggers a Pick bonus, and if players can pick this same Wild symbol during this bonus they are awarded a 100 times their total bet win. There is also a chance to win an additional pick.

The free spins feature is triggered through the Red Rose Scatter symbol and players landing 3 or more of these symbols anywhere on the reels will be awarded 12 free spins. These spins all come with a 3 times multiplier and can be retriggered.

Merlins Magic Respin

Merlins Magic Respin Slot Game from NextGen

Well from the title itself the theme of the NextGen gaming slot is pretty self-explanatory. Indeed it does follow Arthur’s favourite Wizard and his online adventures. Filled with mystical and wondrous aspects and game features Merlins Magic Respin is a slot that accentuates the wonderment of life. Honestly though, the graphics are well done and through the sound effects, backdrop and symbols on the reels NextGen have definitely set up an immersive Arthurian fantasy slot game.

With 5 reels and a rather impressive 50 pay lines, this online slot game has actually got an array of betting choice. With a coin range to choose from players can really set the tone of the betting experience. Additionally this slot features NextGen’s favourite Superbet feature where players can add an extra bet to their stake and open up some lucrative doors. The other bonuses include Wilds, as well as stacked Wilds and the odd free spin. Overall this looks to be another quality slot from NextGen.

Merlins Magic Respin Theme and Appearance


With a theme such like this one, embedded in pop and fantasy culture, there are quite a few aspects and variations to pick and play with. NextGen have gone with a more deliberate focus on Wizardry and magic with this one and the slot’s features definitely demonstrate such. With Merlins Magic Respin slot there are few aspects that carry the theme like the symbols on the reels.

Set upon these 5 reels players will discover symbols like parchment, a book of spells, a telescope and a goblet filled with magic potion no doubt. Each of these symbols carries a decent jackpot with them and each unite the theme under one banner. Add to this a backdrop of Merlin’s laboratory and some decent sound effects and suddenly the world of Camelot and their daring Wizard comes to life.

Perhaps a little dramatic this slot also includes the Superbet feature, to allow players to in fact shift luck towards their side. This feature can be activated from the base game screen and so players can experiment with the slot under both influences. This plus the general layout and setup of Merlins Magic Respin slot makes for an easy start to the slot game.

Bonus Feature and the Function of Superbetting

So with a slot caked in fantasy and magic it isn’t all too surprising that it includes some rather dramatic bonus features. The first of these is actually pretty standard and that is the Wild symbol featured on the reels of Merlins Magic Respin. This Wild is represented by Merlin himself, and can substitute for other game symbols apart from the bonus Scatter, and ideally help to form winning combinations. This Wild appears only on reels 2, 3 and 4, but can appear stacked and fill up an entire reel. The Superbet features here, fixing the stacked Wilds in place after the fact and even offering up to 5 Wild free spins where the Wilds can appear on all 5 reels, and also appear stacked.

The Scatter symbol is the Cauldron and can award up to 7 regular free spins. These are able to be retriggered and also include Merlin on the side of the reels turning random symbols Wild.

Extra Cash

Newspaper Delivery Slot Extra Cash from NextGen

Now this is a rather unique and unheard of theme for an online slot game, even by NextGen’s standards. Based around the childhood job of delivering newspapers around the neighbourhood, Extra Cash slot focuses on that very aim, with the ultimate objective to be to clearly win. The theme is aided by features like the busy city backdrop, the different bells and whistles through the sound effects and of course the symbols on the reels. Each of these comes together nicely through NextGen’s quality graphics and really help to create an older, 1930’s and 40’s vine alongside the newspaper spiel.

As far as the betting goes in this 50 pay line slot, there is not a particular lacking in this area. With a decent coin range players actually have a broad choice of overall bet. The added benefit is the Gamble feature that this slot has incorporated into its reels. Actual bonus features available on this slot are some random Wilds and a rather decent free spins feature. Seems to be worth a gander.


The Face and Theme of Extra Cash

This slot tries a variety of things to make its theme and general play as immersive as possible. This includes a range of sounds that ultimately draw attention toward the action on the reels. There is also the main character of Extra Cash slot’s theme, the delivery boy wearing a killer hat, that is posted on the left of the reels and helps out during base play by throwing in the occasional Wild. Add this fun feature to the thematically necessary reel symbols and suddenly this slot’s appearance really comes together.

The specific reel symbols include things like a newspaper, a kiosk, an adorable looking dog, a red pull cart and a newspaper van. There is also everyone’s absolute favourites, the playing card symbols, which make up the smaller wins of the game.

The betting options on any 50 pay line slot always seems big because of the sheer number of lines. This is understandable because whenever a slight change occurs, the 50 pay lines magnify it. Add to this a range of coin denominations and suddenly there are quite a few possibilities. Plus there’s a Gamble feature included in Extra Cash slot, so players can have a chance after each win to double or quadruple their winnings by guessing on either the colour or suit of a random playing card.

Wilds, Respins and Free Spins from NextGen

So absolutely any slot requires at least one or two bonus features, just to make the reels a touch more exciting. Extra Cash has included some rather enticing bonuses, including Wild symbols. The paperboy standing alongside the reels will randomly throw out a Wild as the reels spin. The respins feature of this slot just helps players to win the awaiting free spins. Whenever 2 or more Scatter symbols land on the reels the respin feature will lock these in place and spin the remaining reels, adding to the already hit Scatters. If there are only two after this respin the free spins won’t trigger.

Finally there are the free spins. Land 3 of the aforementioned Scatter symbols and players will win 8 free spins, land 4 and win 12, 5 will win 20 free spins. Plus any Wilds tossed onto the reels by the paperboy will remain for the duration of the free spins feature.

5 Knights

Medieval Adventure Slot 5 Knights from NextGen

This is definitely one of the more popular online slot themes, and certainly one of NextGen’s favourite theme styles. 5 Knights follows the adventures of these brave warriors of the crown and is done up nicely with some good graphics and a few fun animations.

The sound effects and backdrop add a more fun and relaxed historic view and make the spinning a real treat. The symbols on the reels are all related to the theme and include some really nice artwork. With 25 pay lines and a range of coin sizes to pick from, players will be afforded quite a betting range. Add this to a few of the bonus features included in this slot like the Wild slider feature, where players can adjust the Wild symbols effects. Plus there are some free spins to be won, NextGen’s favourite bonus feature.


Physical Features and Theme of 5 Knights

With a theme like this one it is actually quite tricky to assemble a working and coalescing slot appearance as the lore on which to take from is so large and broad. However NextGen opted for a more cartoon styled and fun slot theme with this medieval tune, so players will be welcomed to the slot through animations and some really cool symbols and backdrops. Whilst the other aspects of this 5 Knights slot are definitely thematically appropriate, it is the symbols and their animations that make for the real theme setup.

With the symbols on the reels players will find the likes of a Princess, the Hero Knight, trying to save her no doubt, a Gauntlet and a pair of crossed weapons. Added to this is a selection of playing cards, ranging from 9 to Ace and all displayed in medieval archaic writing. All in all, these symbols make for some fun and immersive gameplay on this 5 Knights slot game.

The betting situation is also pretty broad, featuring the 25 pay lines and an adjustable line bet with a fair range. This is intended, in NextGen fashion, to allow as many online players to engage and enjoy.

5 Knights Medieval Bonus Features

Some bonuses are just too crucial to the slot experience that to neglect them would be almost a crime. This is the case with everybody’s favourite Wilds, which fortunately have been included in this 5 Knights slot game from NextGen in the form of a Shield symbol. Except here there is an interesting feature alongside this symbol, called Slide a Wild. Players can select a reel before each spin on which Wilds will perform better. These range up from a 2 times multiplier on the 1st reel, up to a 6 times multiplier on the 5th. This just means that players can pick from smaller more often wins to increase or the bigger, less likely wins.

Additionally, in the chosen reel the Wilds will also appear stacked and consume the entire reel.

The Scatter bonus takes the form of a Castle in this slot and 3 or more will win players 15 free spins. These can be retriggered, include the Slide a Wild feature and have a doubled pay out. Overall not bad from NextGen and 5 Knights slot.

Dragons Myth

Dragons Myth Online Slot by Rabcat

Dragons Myth is an online slot game based on a fantasy tale about a young girl who is a dragon slayer. The graphics and 3D animations portray the mythological theme which has a cute nature that is typical of Rabcat online slot game themes. Classical music reminiscent of a movie score is heard throughout the game which peaks when winning combinations hit.

The five reel by three row grid is set on a mountain top view where the young dragon slayer journeys to find four dragons to slay. The themed symbols are detailed in imagery and portray the four dragons which are blue; green; beige and red and pay out in that same order with the blue dragons paying the biggest prize of 100 times the bet. The reels also hold high valued playing card icons which are set on a scaly background.

Dragon Myth Online Slot Game Features

There are twenty pay lines that allow coins with values of anything from 0.01 up to 1.00. Dragons Myth also features wilds, scatters, a progressive bonus game and a free spins bonus round as well as a gamble feature which can double or quadruple any winning amount.

The Dragons Myth wild symbol is the young dragon slayer who acts as a substitute for the regular symbols when she lands adjacent to two matching symbols. She will then help form a winning combination which will pay out according to the value of the replaced symbol.


The symbols that read free spins are the ones that trigger the Dragons Myth free spins bonus round. Three or more need to appear on any position on the reels in order to qualify.

Free Spins and Dragons Cave Bonus

Three, four or five of the free spin symbols award ten, fifteen or twenty free spins respectively. During the free spins bonus round all winning combinations run from both the left and right reels and not just the left as in the base game but only the highest valued combination will win a pay out.

There is a bonus game within the Dragons Myth online slot free spins bonus round which is activated when the bonus symbols appear. The aim here is to shoot arrows at target in order to win another three free spins and a sticky wild which is awarded for every hit of the target. This essentially means that up to four sticky wilds are possible and they stay in position until the end of the feature.

The Progressive Dragon Bounty Game

Rabcat are well known for adding an element of progressive game play which is what the Dragons Myth online slot progressive dragon bounty game is. At the bottom right hand corner of the reels is a special cage symbol which has the function of catching dragons throughout the game. When a dragon is caught in the cage the circle surrounding the spin button lights up in the respective colour to display which dragon has been captured. A bounty is accumulated throughout the slot game which is unlocked when all four of the different dragons have been caught.