Crime Pays

Overview of WMS Gaming Crime Pays Slot

Based on the gripping story of a police detective in search of a wanted criminal, Crime Pays is an imaginative online slot game created by software developer WMS Gaming. The game is full of imagery relating to large-scale crime and the police’s hunt for notorious head criminals, and both this slot’s overall design and bonus features are themed to add to its appeal.

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Second Strike

Strike It Rich In Second Strike Online Slots

Second Strike is an exciting online slots game, created by QuickSpin, and featuring impressive graphics, addictive game play, and a number of special features and bonus winning options. Working in classic slot machine style, the game requires the player to make an initial upfront bet, then spin the five reels in order to make matching sequences.

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Nemos Voyage Online Slots Review in Detail

Nemos Voyage Online Slots Review in Detail

Nemo’s Voyage is a five reel game with 40 pay lines. This is the first Phantom EFX that was released by WMS Gaming, who often introduces innovative and exciting features into their games. This game is only available online, or can be transferred to a mobile device. It cannot be found in any land based casino.

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A Closer Look at Magic Wand Slot Casino Game

A Closer Look at Magic Wand Slot Casino Game

Magic Wand is an online slots game by Williams Interactive that has five reels with a total of twenty five paylines. This cartoon style slot features a mix of comic and realistic character and symbol artwork. The use of reds, blacks and purples which are traditionally associated with magic shows helps to set the scene for the player.

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Jewel Blast Online Slots in Detail for Players

Jewel Blast Online Slots in Detail for Players

Jewel Blast is an online casino slots game, created by QuickSpin. It features a five reel, twenty five line play system, as well as pleasant graphics and a delightful soundtrack. The player is required to make an initial up front bet, after which the reels are spun. If the reels stop with matching icons showing, payouts are made, depending on the value of the matching icons. Jewel Blast does, however, have an outstanding game play feature that makes it stand apart from other similar slot machine games.

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Crystal Forest Slot Review for Internet Gamblers

Crystal Forest Slot Review for Internet Gamblers

Crystal Forest slot was made popular in land based casinos and has been adapted by WMS for online play. You are presented with 5 reels and 25 pay lines on screen. The value of the coins you wager with can be adjusted. The value per coin ranges from $0.01 to $5. You may wager a maximum amount of 125 coins per pay line. You can win up to 50 free spins in game. The game also includes stacked wilds as well as the unique Cascading Reels feature.

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Big Bad Wolf Online Slots Introduced to Internet Casino Players

Big Bad Wolf Online Slots Introduced to Internet Casino Players

Big Bad Wolf, created by QuickSpin, is an online casino slot machine game. It features a novel theme, beautifully realised with professional artwork and a delightful soundtrack. As with all slot machine games, Big Bad Wolf requires the player to make an upfront bet, after which the reels are spun, or in this case, after the blocks have fallen from the top of the screen. When the reels stop and matching sequences are created, the player receives payouts. The higher value the sequence created, the bigger the payout, with the potential for major payouts with the most valuable icons.

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Nirvana slot


Fantasy Themed Nirvana Slot from Yggdrasil Gaming – Based not on the band that was led by Kurt Cobain in the early 90s but rather on the concept of entering into bliss. This is a fantasy themed slot with 3 different and stand out Goddesses as its mascots. Nirvana slot has 5 reels and 20 pay lines but despite this offers some rather interesting opportunities. The main bonus feature is an in-depth free spins feature that awards up to 10 free spins alongside 3 selectable side features to accompany these spins, making them both more interesting and more lucrative. The betting scene in this slot is fairly wide ranged, in a rather classic Yggdrasil gaming style.

Embracing the Theme of Nirvana Slot Game

With a theme like this one a few liberties are allowed to be taken on the part of the developers. Everyone’s version of the afterlife or transcendence looks and feels differently and to replicate such a thing to any real degree is not possible. Still, with this Nirvana slot the theme conveys a surreal vibe, with the symbols, sound effects and animations all trying to make the atmosphere seem more ethereal.

The specific reel symbols are all a little weird, with the most normal looking ones representing some brightly coloured gemstones. Others include a cat wearing a bird mask, a dripping gold Dragon, an antlered rabbit and even what seems to be a bird related to the Phoenix. Definitely some transcendent stuff.

The betting options with a 20 pay liner like this one rely on the range of coin denominations. With Nirvana slot this still seems to be decently diverse, especially when the free spins feature triggers and those smaller bets start paying off.

The Transcendent Bonus Features of Nirvana Slot

Like most casinos this game features a Wild symbol amongst its ranks that can serve as a substitute for other game symbols apart from the free spins bonus symbol.

It is the free spins bonus symbol however that makes Nirvana slot exciting. Represented by a pink flower symbol this is one to keep an eye out for. With two of these Scatters appearing anywhere on the reels awarding a single free spin. 3 symbols or more triggers 10 free spins, whilst 5 of these triggers the free spins plus a jackpot of 5000 coins. What makes these free spins interesting however is the features attached that players can choose from once the Bonus feature is triggered.

Three Goddesses, Three Free Spins Features

The names of the three features are Wild Seeds, Mega Reels and Nudge Reels. These each activate different features during the free spins. The Wild Seeds feature adds between 2 and 4 extra Wilds to the reels. This makes for some more occurring wins. The next feature, the Mega Reels, turns the rows of the middle 3 reels into the same symbol. This limits the chance of retriggering the free spins feature but allows for a lot more wins. The final feature to choose from is the Nudge Reels feature, which will shift the reels up to one position either side in order to complete better winning combinations.

These three features become wholly more interesting if the free spins feature gets retriggered, because this allows for all the features to be activated for the next batch of 10 spins.

Lady Godiva

Saucy Legend in Slots Form; Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva is a digital slots title with a theme a little different from the treasure hunts, natural wonders and mystic myths used in many titles from developers WMS Gaming. Instead, the game draws its inspiration from the 11th-Century legend of a king of Mercia in England who cruelly overtaxed his subjects. His beautiful wife, Godiva, begged him to relent, and he agreed to do so if she would ride naked through the town of Coventry.

She agreed to do so, and out of respect for her noble sacrifice, all the townspeople remained indoors with their shutters closed during her naked ride. All except Peeping Tom, who drilled a hole in his shutters to spy on her, and was struck blind as a punishment. The Lady Godiva slots title weaves these elements into the game’s symbols.

Another Unusual WMS Reels Layout


WMS has become known for many innovative ways to rearrange standard slots reels, and Lady Godiva presents another interesting layout. There are six reels instead of five, each displaying four windows, and the symbols can stack in groups of two or more on the reels during base play. The Godiva symbol, the top scorer in base play, covers three windows in total.

Lady Godiva also contains no traditional paylines; instead, it makes use of WMS’ Any Way feature to construct winning combinations. These must start on Reel 1 as usual, but as long as a matching symbol appears anywhere on successive adjacent reels, winning combos are formed. This allows for 4,096 possible winning combinations, from two Godivas or three Poker symbols, all the way up to six Godivas or six Wilds.

Range of Symbols in Base Play                                                                  

Standard Poker symbols, from 10 to A, form the lowest-value combinations in Lady Godiva. Next up in value is a sealed Letter and Quill, a Tiara, a Rose, a Troubadour’s Mandolin, a white Kitten that is hopefully a pun on Peeping Tom and not something ruder, Peeping Tom himself, and lastly blonde, nude Lady Godiva seen from behind, looking tastefully over her shoulder.

Because Lady Godiva covers three windows when her entire icon is visible on the screen, successive Lady Godivas on adjacent reels can trigger multiple high-value wins all at once.

Faithful Steed is the Scatter

The Scatter symbol is Lady Godiva’s Horse, and three or more in any position on the reels triggers the Bonus Round, with a minimum of 10 free spins and a maximum of 50. Two or more Scatters in any position, in both the base game and bonus games, also win multipliers for the total bet on the spin, which increase with each extra Scatter in the combination.

Wilds Increase in Bonus Rounds

The Lady Godiva Wild is a beautiful Ruby Ring, capable of standing in for all symbols except the Scatter to make up more winning combinations. During the free spins rounds, any of the A, K, Q or J icons can also be encased in a Wild at random, and Wilds can stack to fill all four windows on a reel, leading to even more winning combinations.

A Look at Slot Features

Online slot machine games have been around for a couple decades now, and since their first appearance at land based casinos it was a natural progression to move them over and have them take over the online casino world as well.

There are so many online slot machine games out there at the moment and the list keeps on growing. Each of them carry a wide range of features, sometimes different to the next, and have a big display of themes of all interest-based genres you can think of.

Slot features you can expect to see include ways to win/paylines, paytables, gamble features, themes, wild and scatter symbols, bonus games, free spins, multipliers, and of course a big draw card feature would be jackpots, progressive or not.

Ways to Win/Paylines, Paytables and Gamble Features

Ways to win or paylines are either referring to the amount of ways you can win across the reels or to the amount of paylines you can play on. Ways to win sounds more impressive i.e. 243 ways to win opposed to 25 paylines, but each have their deserving pro’s that match each other’s offering.

Many online pokie games will have a ‘paytable’ button like real money Android slots or a ‘help’ button, and when you click on that the games paytable will appear which will show you which symbols pay out the most.

The gamble feature offers the player a chance to gamble their winnings, which can either be lost 100% or doubled up.

Slots and their Themes

Initially when slot machine games were popular it was a common site to see fruit machine and more fruit machines with the popular 7’s and cherries symbols, nowadays however online casino players are spoilt for choice. If you can think then there’s most likely an online slot theme for it. You can expect to see themes based on TV shows, adventure themes, action, sports, historic themes, food, circus, horror, magic and many many more.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

Wild and scatter symbols are popular draw cards in any online slot machine game. Not all games have them but the ones that do generally have a bigger following.

The wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol on the reels to help complete a winning combination. There are various extensions of this symbol including expanding, sticky, cascading and stacked wilds, of which all offer an even more rewarding payout.

A scatter symbol can generally appear on any reel, on any active payline to reward you with a winning combination. The scatter symbol is, most often than not, the symbol that activates the bonus feature/s.

Bonus Games, Free Spins and Multipliers

Bonus games are often activated by scatter symbols. They can be laid out in various different forms with the main aim of either rewarding you with bonus winning combinations, free spins or multipliers.

Free spins are a set amount of spins that you will win that won’t cost you a cent. Any winning combination landed on within these free spins is yours.

The multiplier can also come from the scatter or from bonus games whereby your winnings can be multiplied by a certain amount.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are jackpots that tick over where the amount of the jackpot increases with every spin. These are known to pay out hundreds of thousands if not millions to lucky players either by hitting a specific winning combination or at random.

Non-progressive jackpots are set and remain the same throughout the game.