Nemos Voyage Online Slots Review in Detail

Nemos Voyage Online Slots Review in Detail

Nemo’s Voyage is a five reel game with 40 pay lines. This is the first Phantom EFX that was released by WMS Gaming, who often introduces innovative and exciting features into their games. This game is only available online, or can be transferred to a mobile device. It cannot be found in any land based casino.

This game takes the player on Nemos Voyage with the renowned Captain Nemo, whose thrilling exploits have been described in books and movies. The symbols are mostly sailors’ equipment like Maps and Telescopes, and Harpoons.

The player will also see sea life like Hammerhead sharks, Whales and Giant Squid. Each spin of the wheel moves the pressure gauge inside Captain Nemo’s ship, the Nautilus, and with every spin the submarine plunges to a new depth. When certain pressure levels have been reached the player will be awarded a variety of bonus games, including Wilds, Pressure Wilds Stacked Wilds and Wild reels. These are known as the Wild Ocean features.

The pressure gauge is displayed at the top of the depth meter, and with each spin the needle moves one tick to the right and the submarine descends a bit further, or left and the Nautilus will ascend. Every stage engages a different Wild Ocean feature where an alternative reel set is used.

The Wild Symbols

A quarter of the way to the bottom, the player will trigger the Multiplier Wilds in Nemos Voyage. All Wilds become two times, or three times Wilds, and multiply the players’ winnings by those amounts. Half way down the depth meter, the Pressure Wilds will be activated, meaning all symbols on those reels with the Pressure Wilds will become Wild too. Three quarters of the way down, the Stacked Wilds will be activated, and all Wilds will be stacked at mobile casino Nigeria. When the bottom of the depth meter is reached, the Wild Reels come into play. Every spin at the bottom of the depth meter will make one to three reels completely wild, and in Nemos Voyage that can lead to huge wins.

Free Spins Bonus Game Also Available

The free spins bonus feature in Nemos Voyage can be activated when the player finds three Bonus symbols on reels 1. 3 or 5, and then the player will be awarded eight free spins. The Giant Squid can appear at random at this point, wrap its tentacles around the reel and rip off a number of symbols. These symbols then become Persisting Wilds, which can remain throughout the whole free spins feature. If the player gains a few of these it can lead to some good wins.

Prizes for Spotting the Sea Life

Once the game starts, the player begins by looking out of the massive viewing window on board the ship, and seeing the deep dark depths of the sea. There are prizes for spotting the implements needed on Captain Nemos voyage, like maps and telescopes, and harpoons. Finding these symbols awards the player 375 coins. If the player spots sharks and whales among the sea life that the player will see from the viewing window, he will be rewarded with 500 coins, while the electric fish will give the player 625 coins, and giant squid the large prize of 1000 coins. In fact, the further down the depth meter the player goes, the bigger will be the prizes offered by the Wilds. The pressure gauge bonuses are certainly a bonus indeed.