Jackpot 6000 Online Slots

As might be expected from the name of this slots game, the jackpot in Jackpot 6000 is 6,000 coins. A player can get this payout if they are able to get three joker symbols to show up on any active paylines.

If the same three joker combinations appear on the reels after a player has made an 8 coin bet, the player will win 1,600 coins, which is the second highest payout in this slots game.

The symbols that make up Jackpot 6000 have been well designed, and are of a standard that players have come to be used to. The symbols that make up this slots game include cherries, lemons, grapes, bells, a star, and of course the all important jokers. There is no wild symbol or scatter symbol in this game.

However, the game does include some interesting bonus features, which add to the interest of this slots game. In all other respects, the slots game does work on the same principle as most other online slots games. As such, players will be able to quickly pick up on how the basics of the game work.

Jackpot 6000 Bonus Features

In terms of the bonus features of Jackpot 6000, the first feature is called the gamble feature. If any winning combination appears on the reels while playing, then the gamble feature will be activated. Once this has been activated, the player has the option of choosing either heads of tails. If the player wins based on this gamble, then the winning amount from the reels will be doubled.

The other bonus feature in Jackpot 6000 is called the Supermeter jackpot bonus. Players have the option of activating this bonus feature after any winning spin that they make. By clicking or tapping on the spin again button, the winnings will be added to the Supermeter display which typically appears near the top of the screen. It will be quite obvious how to do this while a player is actually playing the game. Playing in Supermeter mode will raise the stakes by technically costing the player 20 coins per individual spin. What the bonus features offers though, is the chance to win when two jokers appear anywhere on the reels of the game. A combination of two jokers can result in a payout to the player of between 10 and 6000 coins.

Of course players do have the option to not play the bonus feature game, in which case the player must click or tap on Collect, and then the winnings will be banked.

Additional Jackpot 6000 Features

As with many other online slots games, Jackpot 6000 offers some of the other more common features. The max bet button will allow the player to automatically place the maximum bet for their next spin.

For details on what payouts each of the symbols will result in, refer to the paytable that is supplied by the online casino.

An autoplay setting, as well as the sound setting, can be adjusted in the game play interface, allowing players to customize their playing experience to some extent. Importantly, this is a simple type of slots game that most players will be able to play without any difficulties.