Doubleplay Super Bet Online Slot Review

Doubleplay Super Bet is a well made online casino game, created by NextGen. The game uses a number of unique special features, has a striking visual style, an excellent soundtrack, and is well worth a look by both veteran and casual online gamblers. Most notable about the game is the two extra interface windows, on the right of the screen, which provide options not often seen in such games. Also noticeable is the highly interactive soundtrack, which changes as the game develops. The visual style, a psychedelic colour show, is both relaxing and unique, making the game an overall experience in which a player can get lost for hours. Read on to learn more about the special features that really make the game stand apart.

Standard Play Tiles

The standard play tiles of the game are based around traditional slot machine items. These include a diamond, a cherry, a seven, a bell, a star, and more. Each is boldly designed, easily recognisable, and simple to memorise.

Super Special Features And Options

Doubleplay Super Bet has a number of special features and options that make it stand apart from other games. The first of these features is the doubleplay option. You will see a small window on the right of the screen, in which multipliers are housed. They are three times, six times, and nine times. Between spins the player may select which option to use, simply by tapping, or clicking, the desired multiplier. The multiplier will activate instantly, allowing all wins to be granted the multiplier, increasing the value of each win immensely. Note, however, that selecting a multiplier will also automatically increase the bet. The second special feature, the super bet option, is located below the doubleplay option. The super bet option allows the player to add wilds to the reels, increasing the chances of winning. This can be done for just the centre reel, the centre three reels, or all reels. Not again that selecting these options will automatically raise the bet.


Play For Fun Or To Win Big

Doubleplay Super Bet can be played for real money, or for free, depending on what the player prefers. You may play for free on your mobile device or tablet, simply by downloading the game and opening it. Virtual currency will be granted, allowing free play for as long as the player wants. Note that the virtual currency will be kept track of as if it were real money, but that the amount cannot be carried over to other games. The same may be done on a home computer, with the game running in an internet browser. If, however, you would like to play the game using real money, please ensure that you are logged into your account, and that funds are available. If you do not already have an account, please create one by providing an email address, name, telephone number and physical address. Once the account is created and you would like to add funds, you may do so by using the deposit option. More details about the account creation process are available from the website at which you play.