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Cirrus Casino – All Round Gambling Website

Cirrus Casino is an online gambling website, offering a range of gambling games from all genres. The slot machine selection is good, plus the expected traditional table games are also available. There is no live casino section, or sports betting, but where these games may be missing, the website offers instead a highly generous VIP system, which rewards players who are loyal to the website. The website may be accessed on mobile phone, tablet, laptop and home computer. Note, however, that a dedicated mobile application is also available, which can be accessed via the appropriate tabs. This provides more stable and reliable access to the casino and its games. Note also that there is no set minimum deposit amount for this website.

Good All Round Casino

Cirrus Casino offers a bit of everything. There is, as is expected, a huge selection of slot machine games, with the latest and greatest additions to the gambling world available. There is also a range of popular table games, including blackjack, poker, and roulette. These are, however, single player version, with no multiplayer version offered. Plus there is a full range of speciality games, which take traditional games and bed the rules, providing a whole new gambling experience.

Blackjack Variations

Cirrus Casino has a larger then normal selection of blackjack games. Including the traditional version, plus a number of other variations are provided, that tweak, twist and bend rules. This gives online blackjack NZ players a new experience with each game, providing an exciting twist on established rules.

VIP Section

Cirrus Casino has an extensive VIP benefit program. As you spend time on the website, earn and spend cash, and are otherwise active in the games, you will become valid for the five levels of VIP status. Starting at level one, each level gives amazing benefits to the players, including tailored special deals valid only for that specific player. Note that the level five VIP awards are only by invitation, and cannot be earned the traditional way. If you would like to see if you qualify for VIP status, visit the appropriate section on the website to learn more.

New Player Welcoming Bonus

Cirrus Casino welcomes all new players with a generous welcoming bonus deal. After an account has been created, which can be done by providing required details, the option will be given to make a first deposit. This first deposit will be rewarded with an instant twenty five Dollar cash prize. The money will instantly appear in the account, and maybe used to make wagers. In order to get this free prize, simply enter the bonus code 25NEWPLAYER during the depositing process. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the bonus money, and all earnings made with the bonus money, is bound by a 30X wager requirement. This essentially means that the player must make at least thirty bets equal to the amount of the initial deposit. Once this requirement has been met, the money will become available for withdrawal.

Overview of Bet365 Casino

Bet365 Casino online is one of the first and oldest online casinos. It features a fully comprehensive selection of casino games, as well as an integrated sport betting section, financial betting section, and live casino area. The website has minimum deposit restriction of ten Euros.

Casino Section

Bet365 Casino has a professionally designed, easily navigated casino section. All types of games are covered, including slot machines and table games like you can play roulette online, and an effort has been made to include every variation of game that could be desired. The range is one of the broadest and most varied available online, and there is certainly something for everyone. Remember that single player and multiplayer games are both available and housed in different sections of the website. Be sure to check out also the progressive jackpot slot machines, which are among the most popular casino games on the website.

Sports Section

Bet365 Casino has a fully integrated sports betting section that may be accessed via the navigational tab located across the top of the screen. The sports section is fully comprehensive, allowing bets to instantly be placed on any major or minor sporting events around the world. The most popular events will be displayed in the central area of the page, allowing easy access, while all other events may be navigated to via the links on the left of the page. All sports are covered, with no exceptions, and whichever sport you prefer, be it played in the virtual world or real world, it can be bet on in this section of the website.

Financials Section

Betting on the financial situation in counties around the world may not be everyone’s idea of fun, but it is certainly something that has become popular. Bet365 has an entire section dedicated to just this; placing bets on financial indicator. The section features and easily navigated interface, highly detailed layout, and pays out in much the same way as sporting events. Check out this section now if you’re maybe looking to try your hand at a new type of betting.

Join Up And Strike It Lucky

Bet365 Casino has a special first time deposit bonus, starting all new players off on the right foot. After creating an account, a new user will want to make an initial deposit to get the ball rolling. The amount of this first deposit will be matched one hundred percent by the casino, up to a maximum of one hundred Euros. This bonus will occur automatically, and may be used to start playing immediately. To get this bonus, simply enter the code BONUS100 when making the deposit. Please keep in mind, however, that this bonus cash comes with a standard 20X wager requirement attached. This means that the bonus money, and all winnings made with the bonus money, will be held as a pending balance until such time as the user has made at least twenty wagers equal to the initial deposit amount. A wager requirement is a precautionary measure that avoids unscrupulous users taking advantage of the bonus money system.

Titan Casino Oveview

Titan Casino is an all round online gambling website, offering a full range of popular games in all genres. There is a focus on multiplayer poker, but fans of slot machines and video poker will also be spoilt for choice. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the dedicated live dealer section, which is among the most popular areas on the website for regular users. The website has a minimum deposit amount of thirty Euros.

Extensive Range of Casino Games

Titan Casino has a fully comprehensive selection of casino games, including all the expected slot machine choices, as well as popular table games such as blackjack, baccarat and online roulette in Canada. Be sure to check out the dedicated Casino Holdem section, which exclusively houses multiplayer poker. A number of tables are offered, with varying minimum and maximum betting restrictions and skill levels. For those that are passionate about poker, this is the area of the website they’ll want to visit. Also keep in mind that live dealer table games are now also available, and found in their own dedicated section.

Live Dealer Section

Live dealer online casino games have taken the industry by storm. Using cutting edge online technology, lightening fast broadband speeds, and vast global networks, players from all over the world may gather in one virtual location and gamble as if they were in the same room. Simply log on, select a desired game, and a live video feed well be streamed directly to your device. This can be done with games such as roulette, that allow online betting on a real world roulette wheel, or with multiplayer games such as poker, featuring direct live feeds of you opponents.

Titan News

Titan Casino has a dedicated news section, providing up to date information on the global gambling industry. Visit this free section regularly to learn more about what is happening on a global scale, where the latest tournaments are taking place, what the international poker stars are up to, and where the best deals can be found. The best gamblers, after all, are those who know the most about not just casino games, but the industry as a whole.

Big First Deposit Special Bonus

Titan Casino welcomes all new users with a generous first deposit bonus. In order to get the bonus, simply create an account and make a first deposit, no special code of any kind is required. The bonus includes a two hundred percent matching of the deposit amount, chosen by the player, and will go into effect immediately as the deposit is made. This means that a first deposit of fifty Euros will automatically become one hundred fifty, up to a maximum of two hundred Euros. Be sure to keep in mind, however, that this bonus cash is subject to a standard 25X wager requirement. This means that the bonus cash, and all money won with the bonus cash, will be held as a pending balance until such time as the user makes at least twenty five bets equal to the first deposit amount.

Playing iPad Casino Hold’em Online

Poker is a card-based game where players bet on their own card combinations and then compare them with others to see who wins. This effectively means that there is no house edge as, regardless of the competitors, it is the player and his cards that have the control and govern whether to bet high, low or not at all. This makes winning a lot more exciting as it is up to the player to determine what is and is not worth wagering on. The cards in this game rank similar to most other card games, with two being the lowest valued card and Ace the highest. Players, regardless of the form of the game played, must then form combinations of the cards in order to trump the opponents. Two factors amplify poker popularity; online casino sites have all migrated to mobile, and the most popular form of poker, Texas Hold’em, is particularly suited to the mobile format. This is why, of course, the ultimate gaming device and the ultimate gambling game are so well suited; iPad casino hold’em therefore sets the bar.

Texas Hold’Em on iPad

The classic virtual gambling is now available online, and at Canadian mobile casinos. Enjoyed online in high quality casino sites and poker rooms, there are few card, or any other games that are more popular than poker. Now, with Apple joining the party, most iPad and iPhone poker sites will offer all the varieties of this game, and a huge range of game play options. The essence of this game is easy to understand, and there is major love for this game throughout the world. Players find it particularly appealing and Apple-friendly poker sites are available in all styles and with an abundance of bonus filled winning opportunities.

The card combinations in poker are straightforward once players have experienced the game for a while but all the same the list of combos, in ascending order of value are; one pair, that is two cards of the same value. Two pair, a double pair of cards. This is followed by a three of a kind, three of the same valued card. The next in the list is a straight which is five cards in chronological order. Then follows a flush; five cards of the same suit. Next is the full house, which is a three of a kind and a pair. Then, four of a kind and finally the variety of straight flushes, which is five chronologically, ordered cards of the same suit. The ultimate hand in Poker is the Royal flush, which is a straight flush with the five highest cards in the game, Ace, King, Queen, Jack and ten.

Suited to Tablet Format

Known for its bluffing element, iPad casino hold’em is often regarded as one of the more technical and impressive of the classic card games and thanks to the internet and the great online, iPad casino hold’em can be enjoyed and played by everyone, winning and enjoying the very best it has to offer. Players are paradoxically warned of the addictive properties of this game, the lifelong fascination it generates and the fact that many countries have a vibrant, rewarding and highly popular iPad casino hold’em league.

Ultimately, poker is a game of skill, strategy, a smattering of luck, the ability to read opponents, and an understanding of cards and their odds, plus a huge element of courage. With iPad casino hold’em available to all in the Apple family, expect iOS poker gameplay online and on mobile to keep up its high growth trajectory for a while yet.

Slotland Casino Review

Slotland casino games are based on its own proprietary software instead of the usual big name software providers, which means all games are unique and exclusive. As can be assumed from the title of the casino, most of its games are slots games, or slot type games. These include the classic and simple form of slots, the three reel game, as well as a good selection of the complex five reel pokie games with highly interactive features and full screen graphics and sound. Some of the real money online pokies games are based on other casino games such as Jacks or Better. The number of slots games available is about thirty, and all are top class quality. All the games at Slotland casino are completely instant play.

Potentially Good Jackpot Wins Available

An important advantage of game play at Slotland casino is that every single one of the slots games contribute to a single progressive jackpot. Every player at Slotland casino, no matter what game you are playing, has a chance of striking g it lucky with a massive jackpot win. It certainly has been won a few times in the last year or so, and the amount of the win has been hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are several different tabled games that can be played at Slotland casino, like a science fiction variant of blackjack, and several versions of poker card games

Slotland casino is an online casino, one of the Slotland Entertainment SA casinos, a company that has been in existence since 1998. This casino is licensed by the government of Anjouan, and is open to United States players. Each casino in the group is independent of the rest. Support functions are entirely separate, and so is the banking.

Easy Banking Options Offered

Like most online casinos, Slotland casino will accept deposits from most of the major credit cards, like Visa and MasterCard. You can use the e-wallet alternative of Neteller. Withdrawals can also be made by wire transfer or bank cheque.

Slotland casino has had many years of experience in safeguarding their customers’ money, and handling their requests and queries. There is live chat and email, and all issues are resolved very quickly. Their customer support program is also available on any mobile device.

High Value Bonuses to Players

Slotland casino offers some bonuses of high value, new customers are offered a 100% bonus on a first deposit of $100. There is no bonus code required, and the wagering terms are very lenient. You only have to wager twelve times your deposit and bonus amount before withdrawing any cash winnings. Existing players can also receive some good benefits by playing at the Slotland casino. No deposit bonuses are offered often, and there is a wide array of seasonal bonuses, or match bonuses offered throughout the year. These all come with low wagering restrictions and no limitations on games played. The Slotland newsletter will give you details of all the mystery bonuses every month.

Every game on offer at Slotland runs on your web browser, so all you will need is an internet connection and a web browser, and you will be able to access games on your iPhone or iPad, or an Android device.

A Look at Casinos

Casinos in one form or another have been around since the time of the ancient Greeks. The popularity of casinos really expanded in the 17th century with the establishment of the Ridotto in Venice.

In America the popularity of saloons further established the growth and popularity of casinos. Casinos are institutions that house a variety of gambling activities that span card games, lottery style games, dice games, roulette and video slot machines. They are often on the same premises as hotels, shopping centres or tourist attractions.

Most countries have strict laws that govern where gambling can take place and casinos are the location of choice for these activities. Casinos often try and cultivate an image of opulence, wealth and a clean and safe environment.

Casinos And Social Responsibility

This attractive image created by the casino industry is usually at odds with the debate on the social impact of casinos on their surroundings. Through popular culture and the media, casinos are often associated with organized crime and urban decay. Through government intervention through legislature, casinos have been pushed to do more for the surrounding economy and society through charitable actions.

Often Casinos need to attribute a portion of their gaming profits to investing in a variety of projects and funds that enrich the community that it is part of. Gaming organisations like PAF in Norway has managed to uplift the island location that it is part of. Notably Australia and New Zealand has placed strict controls on its gaming industry to ensure not just fair play, but also to protect its citizens from gambling addiction and exploitation of minority communities.

Notable International Casinos

There are a few Casinos that have helped create the common archetypes for casino’s look and lay out. These casinos have spread to public consciousness through popular media. Easily one of the most famous casinos is the Monte Carlo casino in Monaco. It caters mostly to the rich with high stake odds on their games and it is also considered popular tourist attraction. Due to its well established image it is a popular theme used in games at online slot casino sites and card games. It has featured in many books and films.

Macau in Hong Kong has become another famous casino district due to it being the biggest gambling district in Asia. It features the world largest casino, the Venetian Macao. Just like Monte Carlo, many online titles are themed to popular Macau casinos.

The American Casino Market

The United States features multiple iconic casino destinations. Las Vegas is easily one of the most well known of these. Its iconic sights and sounds have made it into multiple films, books and games and is also known for featuring some of the most expensive real estate in America. There are currently over 900 casinos all over America. Las Vegas as of 2009 generates an estimated $5.550 billion in revenue annually. This figure is followed by Atlantic City with annual revenue of $3.943 billion.

Native American peoples have also established a strong foothold in the casino market since they can establish their own gaming laws in their specific districts under their Indian Gaming Laws. The Native American gaming industry is also known for placing a larger emphasises on social responsibility than most American casinos.