Huff And Puff with Big Bad Wolf Online Slots

Big Bad Wolf, created by QuickSpin, is an online casino slot machine game. It features a novel theme, beautifully realised with professional artwork and a delightful soundtrack. As with all slot machine games, Big Bad Wolf requires the player to make an upfront bet, after which the reels are spun, or in this case, after the blocks have fallen from the top of the screen. When the reels stop and matching sequences are created, the player receives payouts. The higher value the sequence created, the bigger the payout, with the potential for major payouts with the most valuable icons.

Falling Blocks Play System

What makes the game unique, however, is that any blocks that match are removed, or blown away, allowing for new blocks to fall in and new matching sequences to be created. This means that there is potential to win twice, or even three or more times, during every spin of the game. There are five total reels, and twenty possible lines on which sequences may be created. Note that special bonus blocks can result in major possible winnings.


Play Icons Used

Sticking with the theme of Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf, the game uses icons that tie in with this popular children’s story. The icons include three brave pigs, each different in design from the other, plus the wolf himself. Other icons used include the ace, jack, queen, king of playing cards. Note that the pig with the straw hat is the most valuable icon, and if matching with himself up to a total of five times, will payout the highest amount in a standard winning sequence.

Blow The House Down Bonuses

The wolf icon acts as this games bonus icon, and if matching with himself at least three times will result in the blow your house down sequence. During this sequence delightful animations will be triggered, and the wolf will blow away all the blocks repeatedly, allowing for multiple possible matches. Other bonus icons include the beehive, which is a wild card and may match with any other icons to form winning sequences.

There is also the extra wild card system, which is unique to this game and a highly intuitive feature. When the pigs have matched in a winning sequence at least twice, they will also become wild cards, allowing for more wins as the game progresses. All three of the pigs can eventually become wild cards, meaning that the player will gradually win more frequently as the game progresses. This, of course, will have players sticking with Big Bad Wolf for as long as possible.

User Interface

The user interface for Big Bad Wolf is simple and user friendly. At the bottom of the screen you will see your current account balance, as well as the total bet and spin buttons. For a single manual spin click the large circular arrow. The autospin feature, represented by two spinning arrows, will allow the reels to be spun with no interaction from the players. Click the button, then select how many automatic spins you would like to occur.