Know More about Baccarat Rules Online

The game of Baccarat is popularly believed to have been invented in France. The casino game gained worldwide popularity and jet-entry into mainstream casinos after 1953 when it made several notable appearances in the first edition of the James Bond movie, Casino Royale. Further Bond movies and the Beatles Hard Day’s Night set baccarat up as a game for high rollers. Baccarat has a fascinating set of rules and betting options, making it popular today as an action packed online casino game available at every respectable casino site.

Rules and Regulations of Baccarat

Baccarat is a card comparing game. Unlike poker or blackjack, players have no influence on their hand when playing the most popular version of the game, Punto Banco. In baccarat players compare the face value of their cards to those of the banker, and during the course of the game only need to choose where to wager and the size of the wager. This means that, because baccarat rules are so simple, the game is thrilling and fast-paced. It also means baccarat is quick to learn and easy to play.

The game of baccarat has three possible outcomes at Either the player wins, or the banker wins, or there is a tie. The ‘banker’ in baccarat does not mean the ‘house’ as it does in other table games. The result of this is that during game of baccarat, players can wager on any of the three outcomes. Effectively much like betting on Black or Red at roulette. The payoff the same and is even money. As per baccarat rules, however, a win on the banker costs the player 5% commission that is paid to the casino, and constitutes the house advantage. The odds on the banker winning are slightly better than the player winning.

Comparing the Cards

With respect to learning the baccarat rules, the only part of the game that requires additional knowledge is the way the cards are added up during game play. The cards are added up according to the face value of the cards. The ace, however, is a 1 and all picture cards and tens are 0. The aim of baccarat is for the cards to add up to 9.

When the cards are dealt and added up, and the total goes into double figures, the single digit number, or most right hand number is the total. For instance, a 4 and a 9 add up to 13 and therefore the hand value is 3. In terms of totals, and given that the target is 9, hands with a low total are automatically dealt a further card. Baccarat rules vary slightly from casino to casino and game to game when considering what constitutes a low hand but in Punto Banco is generally considered to be 4. Similar to blackjack, a direct winning hand in baccarat consists of two cards adding up to 8 or 9. This hand in baccarat is known as a ‘natural hand’.

The Odds Favour Baccarat

Baccarat rules have made it possible for high rollers and experts to be able to appreciate the relatively low house advantage in the game. With the speed of the game and ease of game access, it is hardly surprising that baccarat is enjoying a fresh wave of popularity. After all, James Bond plays baccarat.