Comparing Baccarat to Various Casino Card Games

In principle, and much like poker and blackjack, baccarat is a card comparing game. A casino game of tradition and history, the aim of baccarat is to compare the face value of the players’ cards to those of the banker. During the course of the game, players do not make any decisions that alter the value of the hand. The only decisions to be made are regarding the size of the wager and the type of bet. Baccarat has the characteristic of players having the option of being able to bet on their own hand, on the bankers’ hand, or even on a tie occurring.

Baccarat Card Counting in Theory

Much like blackjack too, baccarat has always been riddled with myths and winning formulae. One of the areas often discussed is whether baccarat card counting can be effective like in blackjack play. In theory, the act of card counting in baccarat would be conducted in this manner. Counting starts with the introduction of a new shoe or deck. The count is now zero. When any one of an ace, two or three is dealt, add one to the total. The higher the number the more likely the next cards will favour the player, while lower numbers mean the odds are leaning towards the banker. Fours are worth double, and therefore add two to the total. For fives, sevens and eights, subtract one from the count. Similarly, subtract two when a six is dealt. The other cards, namely nines to kings don’t change the count, and are therefore zero.

Calculated by dividing the running total with the number of decks in play, a true count of 16 or higher means betting on the player is optimal, and is the point at which the players’ bet odds have overtaken the bankers’ odds. This would be the aim of baccarat card counting.

A Major Casino Myth Dispelled

Now that the fundamentals of baccarat card counting have been considered, and just as it looks plausible and that perhaps there is a secret route to untold riches at the card game, the bad news needs to be broken. Players should be aware that for all practical purposes, baccarat card counting has no real benefit. The reason for this is that with the number of cards involved and the number of decks used means that the opportunity to increase or change the odds by less than 1% will occur on average once every 232 hands. Practically this would mean standing around the baccarat table all day and betting approximately 10 times. Given that these ten bets would only be made on a situation where the odds have increased by less than one percent on the players’ favour, it is certainly not worth the effort.

The Benefits of Online Baccarat

When it comes to online casino play, Baccarat card counting becomes a superfluous strategy because the game functions using random number generators. Granted, these cannot be random by computer definition, the level of randomness is evaluated by independent auditors in the better casinos and this level is sufficient to render card counting a moot mental exercise. It is far better to simply appreciate baccarat for its simple betting procedures and enjoy the fact that you are not missing out by not counting the cards.